Many people think foot pain is normal as many people suffer from it but it is not!

An orthotic is a custom made device that is worn inside the shoe and is designed to align the foot and ankle in a better anatomical position to allow better stability and balance. A small problem in the workings of the foot can lead to big problems in other areas as those areas try to compensate. If you consider that most people walk between five and ten thousand steps a day that is a lot of stress up along the legs if one has poor foot function and may cause many painful presentations. With the recent upsurge in running it is important that runners understand that the pressure on feet during running can be three to four times body weight so it is important that they look at their shoes and observe for any unusual wear pattern and seek advice in regard to same to avoid picking up lower limb running related problems.

At Cork Chiropractic we work with The Orthotic Group, Canadas largest orthotic laboratory who provide orthotics that excel in comfort, construction and design.

Make the move…Enjoy pain free living!