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At Cork Chiropractic Clinic we offers patients the very best in professional chiropractic treatments. Our highly experienced and fully qualified cork chiropractor can helps individuals with all kinds of ailments to include back or neck pain. A chiropractor is concerned with ensuring that the joints of the neck and back are operating properly. During our day to day lives our necks and backs are exposed to all kind of traumas from the sudden as in an accident to the not so sudden as in sitting all day slouched over a computer that can sadly add up to more serious conditions if not addressed in good time. Getting your spine checked with a chiropractor should be part of your self-care routine just like you visit a dentist and spinal checks should happen when you are pain free and not just when you are in pain.

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Our Cork Chiropractor is available to individuals in Cork City and Cork County.

Why you should visit our Cork Chiropractic Treatment clinic


We have 30+years of experience treating back pain and neck pain.


Our Cork Chiropractor is fully accredited and qualified and a past president of the Chiropractic Association of Ireland.


We are a local Cork City chiropractor located conveniently only two minutes from the Sarsfield Road Roundabout on the South Link Road.

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