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I am a 41-year-old teacher. For almost 10 years I have had problems with my back on and off. I had previously tried physiotherapy, which helped a little bit but never for long. About three years ago, my back got a lot worse. I often had pain three or four days every week. I found it very difficult to walk and to go up and down stairs. This was having a serious impact on my life. After a few months of trying various things my GP referred me to Dr Virginia Cantillon at the Cork Chiropractic Clinic. After an initial X-ray, she began to treat my spine. The method she uses is the Activator method, which is very gentle but effective. I now have no pain during a typical week and can walk whenever I like just requiring checkups every few weeks. I would highly recommend a consultation /treatment with Dr Cantillon as it has made a big difference to my life. My only regret is that I didn’t go sooner!

SMC, Cork


Three years ago, I hurt my shoulder during a sailing lesson. Unfortunately it never healed and I ended up on daily anti-inflammatory tablets. I decided that it was time to see whether the damage was permanent or whether there was anything that could be done to allow me to stop taking the painkillers. I decided to make my first port of call with Virginia at the Cork Chiropractic Clinic. I am delighted to say that within a couple of weeks of seeing Virginia I was able to come off the anti-inflammatories (which I had never been successfully able to do). And I continue to remain off the tablets. This is a fantastic achievement. I also had a hip problem which had been giving me some discomfort for a year or so. I was beginning to get concerned that it was the start of my body telling me I might need a hip replacement. When I mentioned it to Virginia, she investigated it. She did one pelvic adjustment and the discomfort has never returned!! I found that quite remarkable really. I highly recommend that anyone in discomfort contact the Cork Chiropractic Clinic and see is there anything that they can do.

Deirdre M


My first contact with Virginia was 19 years ago, when my two year-old son had recurring ear infections for approximately 9 months. This required antibiotics every time but only after 4 sessions with Virginia his ear infections never reoccurred. My recent contact with Virginia and Cork Chiropractic Clinic was a lower back muscle problem I have had for 18 months. This injury always required anti-inflammatories. My lower back injury developed into a severe hamstring problem, whereby I could not drive a car or sit in a chair. On visiting Virginia 4 weeks ago, I also mentioned a severe right shoulder problem which I have had for 8 months, and did not think she could treat effectively. I had 2 appointments per week for 4 weeks and both injuries are now completely cured. I am very pleased with that, especially my shoulder injury, as I felt I would just have to live with this. My dealing with everybody at Cork Chiropractic Clinic were very efficient and professional at all times. I would highly recommend Virginia, as she has many years of experience and goes about her work calmly and efficiently. She has certainly eased the aches and pains in me with her pain free chiropractic skills.

Pat H


A simple turn at the kitchen sink turned into over a year of chronic knee pain. My doctor told me that it would just take time to heal and I was using a lot of painkillers. I visited Virginia and in one session she adjusted my knee, which made a huge difference, two more visits and I cannot believe the improvement. I am almost pain free now, Thanks Virginia.

Carol G


Dear Virginia I don’t do letters often but just had to tell you how great I feel after my last session with you. The relief I'm feeling this weekend is unbelievable and has to be acknowledged. I came to you a very tired woman with an ache from my ear down to my hip and out my elbow, all down one side basically. I'm not fifty years old yet but felt a hundred. On filling out the medical form I was able to cast my mind back six months and realised I did damage to myself when I rear ended a car on route to work one morning. I had continued on to work and thought nothing of it. After a couple of chiropractic sessions, you asked me to try the graston technique with you. After my session Thursday I felt a lot of tingling in my shoulder and area you worked on. That night I iced the area. I cannot believe my ear ache has gone and how great and loose I felt the following morning and right through the weekend. I would recommend Graston Technique with you at the Cork Chiropractic Clinic to everyone who has learned to live with pain. There is a cure out there! I am so glad to have underwent this treatment. I will recommend you to everyone who wants a better quality of life. My sincerest thanks,

Evelyn M


I have been an avid hill walker for most of twenty years. Eighteen months ago, I slipped while hillwalking and hurt my back. After months of physiotherapy, sometimes twice weekly sessions (which didn’t work), and anti-inflammatory tablets, I decided to try the chiropractic route. I went to Virginia at the Cork Chiropractic Clinic for some treatment, and after a few sessions, I began to see an improvement. I have stopped taking the anti-inflammatory tablets and I don’t have any pain or stiffness in my back/neck area now. If you suffer from back/neck problems, I would recommend that you visit the Cork Chiropractic Clinic and see what a few treatments will do for you.

Mary J


I am a twenty-year-old university student and recently I injured my back while doing squats in the gym. I was unable to sleep that night so I knew straight away there was something wrong, and being a keen hurler involved in inter-county hurling I had to act upon it immediately. I visited Virginia at Cork Chiropractic Clinic the next day and she immediately began work on it. I returned two days later and my back felt a lot better. That weekend I played three different matches in as many days and had no problems what so ever. I knew that if I hadn’t gone to Virginia, I wouldn’t have got to play these games. A week later and my back feels perfect again thanks to Virginia. If you are having back problems I would highly recommend that you visit Virginia at the Cork Chiropractic Clinic.

Killian M


In April 2007, I badly damaged my foot and was left in a great deal of pain. After numerous x-rays and visits to a doctor, who prescribed strong anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers I was still in excruciating pain. On the recommendation of my mother who had great success with Virginia for a back problem, I decided to visit the Cork Chiropractic Clinic. Since the doctors I had visited couldn’t determine the problem I was initially unsure as to what Virginia would be able to do considering I didn’t even have a diagnosis. However, after examining my foot she was able to pin point the source of my pain. She made a number of painless adjustments to my foot and after this first treatment I was able to walk with considerably less pain and was able to stop taking painkillers. After a few treatments, my foot was fully better. Since the initial successful treatment, the problem has reoccurred a few times but I no longer panic about it as I know I can call to Virginia and she will be able to fix it. In addition to exceptionally successful treatments, Virginia provides a service that is second to none. The warm and friendly welcome that I receive from Virginia makes visiting a pleasure rather than a chore. I cannot adequately express how the treatments provided by Virginia at the Cork Chiropractic Clinic have enhanced my quality of life. I have recommended her to friends and family members who have also had great success.

Claire D


I was suffering with a slipped disc and sciatica. My GP prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets and recommended physiotherapy, which gave me no relief at all. I could barely lift my legs to get dressed in the morning. My father heard a radio interview with Virginia from the Cork Chiropractic Clinic and I decided to give it a go, as I didn’t want to be on the anti-inflammatory medication long term. I began to notice some changes after two or three weeks. With my pain and damage being so severe it took around 3 months to become totally pain free. My everyday life has returned to normal and I can do my job, which involves heavy lifting, without difficulty. I would have no problem in recommending the Cork Chiropractic Clinic to anyone who is suffering with back pain.

Anthony F


I have been attending Dr. Virginia Cantillon’s clinic for the last two and a half months. Over this period of time she has helped me greatly and I would have no hesitation referring people to her care. My injury problems begin about a year and half ago when I developed several problems on my right-hand side. These ranged from pulling my hamstring muscle on a number of occasions, pain in my shoulder & chest and pain in my abdomen. As a result, I was unable to do any meaningful training all year. Despite attending numerous doctors and physios my symptoms did not improve. When I first meet Virginia she immediately identified a problem with my back which she believed was contributing to everything else. Over the next few weeks using painless techniques Virginia worked on correcting the alignment of my back. Slowly but surely my symptoms began to ease and I am now back training on a regular basis. During the course of my treatment I found Virginia to be very professional and helpful. As previously mentioned I would have no hesitation recommending Virginia’s clinic to anybody suffering similar ailments.

Teddy O’L


I got out of bed this morning, got dressed and headed to work on by bike. I didn’t have to lie there for ten minutes figuring the best way to get out without aggravating the pain in my lower back further. This was my general morning routine until a few months ago, when I decided to do something about it. Because my pain was predominantly related to waking up in pain, and as I went about my day the pain went away, I just got on with it. I avoided standing still or bending down, as actions like these were again painful. Having reached the age of 42, and thinking about general health, I realised that I took care of my car better than I took care of myself, this included the money I invested into the general upkeep of my car. I decided to make an appointment with Virginia, (on the strong recommendation of my mother) and then kept putting it off, in part because I was unsure of what to expect, or did I really need the care of a chiropractor. I had an impression or image of painful intrusive manipulation. I eventually made my appointment, the pain having outweighed the fear, and met with Virginia. Having gone through an initial assessment, which included x-rays, I began to feel confident and reassured that something could be done, which would hopefully lead to a less painful start to my day. My initial reservations about the actual treatment method, were completely unfounded, which was clear from the very first appointment. Virginia uses a chiropractic instrument, which is gentle and very effective. Most importantly, it works! My back has responded really well to this treatment, and I now rarely think about my back, and I wake up without pain. I have introduced regular walking into my week (recommended by Virginia to again improve my general health and joint care) and now I even cycle to work. I would advise anyone suffering with back pain, not to put up with it, do something about it, I wish I had taken this advice long ago, because I really am enjoying being this new me.

Maria O’B


Over three years ago I sprained my ankle and initially went to a physiotherapist who diagnosed that it was not a serious injury and gave me exercises to do. These I did for a time. I noticed that my foot, while never really very painful, became stiff and tired and felt heavy particularly after a walk or standing for a long period. My next port of call was a podiatrist who told me my problem was high arches and prescribed orthotics. These were a novelty at first and partly due to the cost I convinced myself they solved the problem. However, I soon admitted that I was back to square one. On the recommendation of a friend I visited Dr. Virginia Cantillon at the Cork Chiropractic Clinic. After the initial consultation, I attended Virginia for three subsequent sessions. She manipulated my foot and used non–invasive instruments to loosen the joints, which had become by now very stiff and uncomfortable. The improvement was instantly noticeable. So far so good! I have just returned from holidays where I wore flip flops and other non- supportive type shoes and can say honestly that my foot never bothered me for the fortnight I was away. I’m now looking forward to having the full use of both my feet again! Thank You Virginia.

Anne Marie B


I am a 47-year old male dentist that because of my work and a serious rear end accident in 1991 I have regular problems with my spine, but my neck particularly. I suffer bad neck pain and headaches on both sides of my head from time to time from being bent over at work. During one painful episode, I felt so bad at the end of my working day I actually felt ill due to the pain in my shoulders, neck and head. I saw Dr. Cantillon and she checked me out with this new treatment technique that she uses, discovered that my pelvis was completely out, adjusted it with an applicator called an activator in three or four different areas. She did not touch my neck head or shoulders. The result was unbelievable. I worked two full days afterwards and I felt fantastic. Down through the years I have had numerous chiropractic adjustments. I have to say I love her new activator technique. It is a much more gentle form of treatment. It is possible to completely relax while treatment is being carried out, one is not tensing up waiting for that “crack”, as the body is twisted, turned and pushed. A few simple instructions have to be followed in respect to moving one arm one way or the other, turn the head one way or another, the leg lengths are continuously checked, the applicator is placed, the spring released and that is it. It is easy, it is fantastic and I, for one cannot recommend it strongly enough.

Mike C


After Virginia's treatment I feel like I have been given a new body!

Ruby S