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Kinesio Taping Treatment

Cork Chiropractic offers professional and experienced Kinesio Taping Treatment to clients in Cork. Kinesio taping is an increasingly popular technique that is designed to work in tandem with the body’s natural healing process. Kinesio tape provides support to joints and muscles. Regularly seen on athletics during sporting events, Kinesio treatment is suitable for anyone. This modern support treatment can help reduce inflammation, relax over-tired muscles and in some cases relieve pain.

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Advantages of Kinesio Taping Treatments

One of the major advantages of Kinesio tape over more constrictive muscle and joint support systems, is the flexibility of the actual tape. The tape bends and extends alongside the body allowing a person to reap the benefits of increased joint support while sacrificing none of their manoeuvrability.

Kinesio tape boasts a massive 40% elasticity meaning it offers amazing give while a person moves but at the same time offers a high level of support to a person’s joints and muscles. The heat-activated acrylic adhesive holds the tape in place

Kinesio Tape is used by chiropractors to:

  • Support overused joints and muscles
  • Inflammation reduction
  • For joint stabilisation
  • Support athletic performance
  • Supportive of the body’s natural healing process
  • The rubber-band effect created by the use of Kinesio tape supports muscles and joints by modifying movement

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Kinesio Taping Treatment FAQ

  • Can Kinesio Taping Treatment help relieve pain?

    This depends on the source of your pain. Individuals with joint and muscle pain have reported a reduction in these symptoms after the tape was applied. It should be noted that Kinesio taping is for muscle and joint support and is not used as a pain killer.

  • Does Kinesio improve athletic performance?

    No, this is a myth. Athletics often wear Kinesio taping to help support tired muscles and joints but this just maintains their performance. There is no evidence that that the tape actively improves performance. Kinesio tape can, however, help prevent sporting injuries.